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  • Supercharged with classic Ulysse Nardin savoir faire, BLAST is an avatar of its time, a potent force of nature. This technological wonder made with rock-hard, masculine lines has ignited a flame that will send seismic shockwaves through the watchmaking world to its core.

    Fire and ice, magma and glaciers, violent lava eruptions and cascading ice shelves.
    Adventurers have always been lured by the planet’s extremes. From imposing blue glaciers at the ends of the planet to the volcanic islands of the Pacific, the daunting and dangerous nature of these ultimate hot and cold zones have fascinated explorers for centuries. The imposing forms that jut out of the land and sea – from the hardened black magma of a volcano to the ancient ice of a glacier – are reminders of how vast and wild our Earth is and how remote and dangerous its seductive extremities can be.

    By Ulysse Nardin






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