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  • Garden night market is considered the largest and most famous night market in Tainan which is a city in south of Taiwan

    You can shop and eat all kinds of street food til you drop with reasonable and affordable prices and most are perpared for you hot and fresh!

    All food in this video cost not more than $5usd

    Food featured in this video from the street stalls of Garden Night Market

    1. Brown sugar bubble milk
    2. Grilled blood with glutinous rice
    3. Oyster bun
    4. Sweet corn shoots
    5. Spring onion crepe
    6. Fresh bitter gourd & celery juice
    7. Potato & cheese pie, Pepper meat pie
    8. Fried oyster
    9. Steak set
    10. Chocolate marshmellow crepe
    11. Braised chicken feet
    12. Taiwanese pork sausage & glutinous rice sausage
    13. Cheese with mentaiko pizza cracker
    14. Strawberries with condensed milk
    15. 3D Crispy egg cake with 6 designs

    This was film early Feb, stay safe everyone!






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