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Rolex Caliber 1556

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rolex caliber 1556
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Rolex Caliber 1556 Description

The 1556 was specifically built for the Day-Date “President” family of watches. The 1556 was released in 1965 as the successor to the 1555 movement. Ostensibly identical, the only major difference between the two movements was a considerable rise in balance frequency. The later caliber followed the example set by the rest of the 1500 series and saw its rate increased to 19,800 VPH. As well as a marginal improvement in accuracy, the higher beat gave the mechanism an added imperviousness to shocks. 

The 1556 was the last of the 1500 series to power the Day-Date. Rolex deemed that this flagship watch line needed a hacking feature and the 1500 series was not made to hack. Hence, this movement does not have a hacking capability. The 1556 was replaced by the 3055.

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