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So it’s just impossible to get a Rolex AD right ?

Jerome Chin
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Just left from a local Singapore Rolex AD. He told me I have to buy at least 2 basic model Datejust and at least $10k worth of jewelry to be considered to be on the list to purchased a sport model. So I mean is it just ridiculous trying to get a Rolex from a AD? Or is there other AD”s out there that treat you with some sort of respect ?. He told me it’s not like Walmart we don’t just have em for sale. It’s not like I came in there looking like a bum I wasn’t super flashy dressed.This is why I got upset and just bought my OP from the grey market

Edit: I’m going to buy 3 date just models that we like from them. Also after sitting down and thinking about it maybe I took the AD comments the wrong way. He was just being honest and straight up. I texted him I’ll buy 3 date just. One for me my wife and my dad. He said after those watches come in then we can talk about “unicorns” I’m not just looking for one watch I plan on buying at least 1-2 a year if not more. So I’ll see how the relationship takes me. Side note if any one wants to hook me up with a AD that is easier to work with that would be dope if not obviously I completely understand willing to travel to any city in the country to have a AD relationship . Also thank you to all the guys for the advice I truly appreciate it

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