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Why did Rolex Daytonas suddenly become so expensive the last 4 years?

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    • The Daytona watch has been on a restricted list for most Rolex agents for more than 30 years and was regularly sold for a premium over the list price often to dealers.

      The main reason for the restrictions was due to the availability of the movements from Zenith as 35 years ago all Daytona watches had an el primero movement finished by Rolex in them. Zenith could not supply the 25,000 a year that Rolex needed to supply the demand. So as demand outstripped supply market forces took over and prices increased.

      Come forward 25years and Rolex now manufacturers their own Calibre Daytona movement because they wish that demand will continue to outstrip supply they limited production, the machine that makes this watch could produce 75,000 watches a year but for marketing and public relations reasons it is kept below 35,000.

      So they have not become more expensive in the last 4 years but have crept up in price for 30+years.

      In the mid 70′s, the Daytona and Millgaus watches were not in demand and I remember selling one on special order because it was not standard stock in 1974 for the princely sum of $2500.00 which is about $3400.00 at the time. If the buyer had kept it in a reasonable condition he could expect his 45-year-old steel watch to be now selling for 100 x the price he paid.






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