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8 Affordable Watch Brands from Singapore

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    • This week, I’ll be rounding up 8 of my favorite underrated Singaporean watch brands. If you didn’t already know, there are multiple homegrown watch brands here on our sunny shores, each trying to make its mark in the watch industry. At current standing, there are over 80 Singaporean watch brands – I’ve shortlisted 8 of my personal favorites, brands that I believe will become highly successful in the upcoming future. I’ve met with most of the owners of the brands listed below and interacted with watches from all of them. I’ve listened to their stories, their highs, and lows, and I’ve seen the outcome of their hard work. These brands are pretty affordable too – all the watches highlighted in this listicle can be had for less than S$700. Yet, most of these brands still fly under the radar, with a majority of Singaporeans and watch enthusiasts at large probably have never heard of any of them. Hopefully, this article changes some of that.

      8 Affordable Watch Brands from Singapore






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