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What is the Rolex 'Batgirl'? Which model is this referring to?  


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05/08/2020 3:48 pm  

The visual changes include the Rolex crown in-between “Swiss Made” at the bottom of the dial. Something we have been seeing in the new models released. Additionally a slightly elongated minute arrow. Of course, the most noticeable change is the jubilee bracelet, released with the Pepsi in 2018 (there are no longer any GMT Master’s on a stainless steel oyster bracelet). The lugs of the watch have also been slightly narrowed to fit the bracelet better. The bracelet is fitted with an oysterlock and a 5mm easylink extension.

The GMT Master II received a mechanism update. Featuring a 3285 calibre, present in the Pepsi. The power reserve has increased from 48 to 70 hours. Part of Rolex’s new-generation movements, it has a variable balance wheel, a more efficient escapement, and gear train.

Despite the few visual changes we think the model does have a slightly different feel mostly because of a bracelet that turned the ultimate sports watch into a more exclusive piece. In any case, both models are extremely sought after, the old reference has matched the price to the Pepsi 126710BLRO. The first Batgirls have been appearing in the market this month, we are expecting the price to naturally fall until it stabilizes in the next few months as more pieces come in rotation.

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